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Integrated Endicia® Support

Endicia Logo By integrating Endicia into its software products, Interapptive is providing ShipWorks users with features to print USPS postage labels for both U.S. domestic and international shipments.

ShipWorks directly integrates Endicia's Label Server technology to provide users with the ability to select service options and print shipping labels without having to export data or cut-and-paste information into other applications. This significantly speeds order fulfillment by giving users a convenient shipping application, which eliminates the need to manually enter data. Users can select their desired USPS service options, and print labels in bulk using thermal or inkjet\laser printers.

Printing USPS postage with ShipWorks is simple. With a single click, ShipWorks sends all order data to Endicia and automatically generates a postage-paid shipping label. Tracking details, service method, and shipment cost are all stored in ShipWorks for future reference.

When processing international shipments, USPS Customs Forms are automatically selected, pre-filled with the proper commodity item information, electronically signed, and printed. This helps to dramatically streamline the process of shipping internationally.

SCAN Form Support! Upgrade your Endicia Premium account to a Professional account, and get all the added benefits, including the ability to print Bulk Acceptance Scan documents. This feature links all of your day's shipments to a single barcoded form that the USPS scans when the packages are picked up. Once the scan data is uploaded to the USPS that evening, all of your packages will be marked as accepted in the USPS tracking system and will be visible to your customers via the USPS tracking site.

Integrated USPS Tracking provides shipment status to ShipWorks users and their customers. ShipWorks users can determine status of their shipments directly from within the software. In addition, ShipWorks can optionally send tracking information to customers via email.

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