ShipWorks Insurance - Claims

ShipWorks Insurance is provided by Online Shipping Insurance services (InsureShip). Claims forms are generated from your online ShipWorks account and are printed and faxed to InsureShip. Clear instructions are provided on each form. Claims are paid within 7 working days of receiving the claim. To login to your account to make a claim click here.

General Claim Instructions
InsureShip handles all ShipWorks Insurance claims. If you have any claims questions please contact InsureShip directly at: or call (866) 701-3654

Claims Instructions and Procedures
1) Attain your claims through your online Interapptive account. Complete claim form and submit within 60 days of the ship date. You must wait 20 days for lost domestic shipments and 30 days for lost international shipments before filing a claim. If the claim is for damage, you can file immediately.

2) Supply a copy of the original invoice/receipt. If claim is for damage, supply a copy of a repair estimate and any salvage value if not repairable (if applicable)

3) Sign your claim form and fax both documents to InsureShip at (877) 859-5858 or mail to 2049 N. Lincoln St. Burbank CA, 91504. If the claim is for damage, please hold on to the item until the claim has reached a resolution.