Automate Any Shipping Task

Automate Any Shipping Task

Schedule any event to run any hour, 24/7

If you can think of it, you can automate it with ShipWorks! Here are just a few possibilities.

  • Automatically schedule backups, locally, and online.
  • Select USPS for lightweight or residential packages.
  • Save money by selecting UPS Ground for 2–day delivery in specific zones.
  • Hold orders for fraud check above a certain dollar amount.
  • Apply third-party insurance for high valued products.
  • And just about anything you can think of!

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Automate almost anything in 3 simple steps

Setup automated tasks such as data cleanup, email notifications, online status update or print invoices in 3 simple steps.

Action Manager screenshot demonstrating 3 easy steps: 1. Give action a name 2. Tell us when to run 3. Tell us what to do
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Trigger automated tasks based on events

You can choose to trigger your automated task from a wide range of available events as shown in the screenshot below. In this example, the automated report will run periodically at a pre-designated time as setup by the user.

Action editor screenshot demonstrating configurable actions
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Customize tasks to run only for specific workstations or stores

You can customize each task to run only on specific computers so that you are not trying to perform an action on a computer that is not meant for it, such as trying to print a report from a terminal that is not connected to the printer.

Each task can also be pre-configured to run only for certain stores and skip the rest. This is exceptionally helpful when you want to run automated tasks that are unique to a store or a group of stores.

Action editor screenshot demonstrating settings and pre-configurable tasks
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You want it done? Just tell us when.

ShipWorks lets you work smarter by scheduling tasks whenever it is convenient for you and your business. You can tell ShipWorks when to automatically perform tasks like running reports or backing up your database. The sky is the limit on scheduling items, especially with our robust FTP, CSV and API capabilities. We can easily run a program, connect to a website or upload files to FTP.

ShipSense: Automatically fills-in empty fields with order data

ShipSense is an exclusive ShipWorks feature that “remembers” your shipping behaviors. Based on your order history, ShipSense automatically populates your shipping fields. ShipSense saves you a ton of time… and brain cells.

Hourglass icon

Saves time.

ShipSense will lessen the amount of manual entries your employees will have to input into ShipWorks.

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Less errors.

ShipSense will know what you ship and prevent inaccurate information from messing up an order. For example, some online carts might not be able to export weight. ShipSense remembers and display the correct weight for future shipments.

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More control.

You can edit your shipping history (or reset it) at any time. Let’s say you don’t want ShipWorks to apply ShipSense to an order. You can edit the history to recognize any “unique” shipments, so future shipments won’t use those settings. You have complete control on how you use ShipSense and how to optimize your shipping process.

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