A Closer Look at Our New Filter Features

We’re really excited about the new filters features in ShipWorks 4.2! Yes, ShipWorks’ filters features are fantastic. I bet you can’t say that 10 times fast.

We’ve worked hard to anticipate your needs as a ShipWorks user, so we are introducing several default filters that are automatically included with every new installation of ShipWorks so you can use them right away. You can still create as many custom filters as you want. We also added new tabs in the Filters Panel to make it easier to navigate between your customers filters or your orders filters as needed.

Default Filters

Now when you install ShipWorks for the first time, default filters are automatically created for you. You’ll start off with filters for:

– Orders by destination: (All U.S. addresses; US Residential; US Commercial; US PO Boxes; US Military; US Territories; International)
– Orders by age (today; last 7 days; last 30 days; last 90 days)
– Orders by store with a filter for each online status used
– Customers who’ve spent over $100
– Customers with more than one order

Current users:  If you are a current ShipWorks user, chances are, you’ve already configured custom filters for the age or destination of orders, as well as others as needed. When you upgrade from an older version, you won’t automatically get all the new default filters, and any custom filters you’ve built will remain. But you can still enjoy the benefit of ShipWorks’ new ability to automatically create filters for orders by store status! The upgraded version of ShipWorks 4.2 includes a new button in the Store Settings dialog that allows you to automatically create a filter for each of your online statuses. One click and you’ve got instant filters for every status. It’s kind of amazing. And of course, it is still just as easy to create any sort of custom filter you might need for your business. We’re not going to change that any time soon!


New Tabbed Filters Panel

We’re all about making small improvements with a big impact. Now it’s even easier to organize and view all of your filters. We’ve kept our easy to navigate tree views, but we’ve added tabs for orders filters and customers filters. Just toggle back and forth between the two tabs as necessary. As always, whatever filter is highlighted is the one you’ll see in the main ShipWorks grid.


Download ShipWorks 4.2 Now

ShipWorks 4.2 is available for free download here. New users, you can download our Getting Started Guide for help. Current users, watch this 4-minute video explaining how to upgrade.  If you have any questions about installations, upgrade, or if you just want to tell us about how ShipWorks helps your business, give us a call. Our amazing customer support staffers are always happy to help. Reach out to us at 1-800-952-7784.