Best Rate – Easily Compare Shipping Carrier Rates


Shipping rates and services are always changing. In the last year alone, we’ve seen shipping rate changes, updates to fee structures for larger parcels, dimensional weight divisor changes and more. With an ever-evolving shipping landscape, it can be hard to know which carrier and services can provide the best service for the lowest cost.

Don’t despair, because ShipWorks can help simplify what can be a frustrating and time-consuming process! Our recently released ShipWorks Enterprise program includes a Best Rate feature that allows you to compare rates between multiple providers to find the best carrier rate option for each of your shipments. Other vendors make you toggle between different tabs to view different carrier information, but with Best Rate all the data appears on one screen.

With Best Rate you have the option to compare rates for any package, but you can also compare specific elements, such as delivery time or package weight.

Best Rate can be configured to review three main factors when comparing rates:

  1. Days in transit (important if you need a shipment to arrive within a set time period, such as within 2 days)
  2. Weight
  3. Package dimensions (important when calculating dimensional weight)

Here’s a snapshot to give you an idea of how it works:


Best Rate will always show the lowest cost as the first shipping option.

Want to learn more? This support article will help you get started: