Customer Success Story: oddWires


In less than two years, oddWires has become a leading supplier of Arduino and Raspberry Pi Kits in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 10,000 customers, oddWires has built a great reputation for service and value.

oddWire’s founder, Ian Archbell, has a passion for experimenting with electronics, audio, and amateur radio. Combine that passion with the experiences and business acumen from his successful enterprise career in general management, product management and product marketing, and it’s easy to see how oddWires has quickly grown into a leading player in the maker movement.

Ian knows that successful ecommerce businesses require systems in place that will support the company’s great products and service. That’s where ShipWorks comes in.

We know you have lots of software options. Why did you choose ShipWorks?

“We chose ShipWorks because they are without a doubt the leaders in the U.S. shipping space. With a great range of integrations, we knew they could support us not just from day one but through our amazing growth too!”

What was your shipping process like before ShipWorks?

“It was very basic with shipping for each channel and there was no integration. It was labor intensive and there was very little in the way of a dashboard for shipping control.”

What results have you seen using ShipWorks? 

“Shipping is much faster using ShipWorks. We can ship in less than half the time it took before. But we also have a much more controlled shipping function. We really know where we are with ShipWorks.”


What ShipWorks feature do you like the most?

“ShipWorks is customizable. It has powerful scripting with mix-and-match shipping queues via channel, shipping service and priority. We even added a script that gave us bin numbers for Amazon and eBay orders as well as BigCommerce.”

What platform(s) are you selling on and what carriers do you use?

“We sell directly from our BigCommerce-based web site and through Amazon and eBay. ShipWorks integrates with all three sites, as well as, all the key players in the eCommerce space. Not only that, ShipWorks enables us to integrate all three channels at each shipping station. And, perhaps most importantly, we can automate shipping across all three channels as well as shipping through FedEx, UPS and USPS. We use USPS for small parcels and FedEx for larger and specifically when we need faster, guaranteed shipment. We also use UPS for larger packages.”


Your site has become very successful in a short amount of time. What are the key factors leading to that success?  

“Our site is successful because we want our customers to be successful. We do believe that the customer is right. We offer fantastic support to our customers from purchase, through to successful use, and that, of course, includes shipping. We deliver when our customers expect.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur starting an eCommerce business?

“You will save a lot of headaches if you make good system choices in your planning phase. You must assume you will sell multichannel. For the first year, you are likely to sell more through Amazon and eBay until your eCommerce site becomes well-known. So, all three channels are important in maximizing sales. Pick software like ShipWorks that readily supports multichannel operations.”

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