Customer Success Story: Salt + Dapper


(Image courtesy of Salt + Dapper)


Jack Fischman is the owner of Salt + Dapper, a lifestyle brand specifically for gentlemen.

The brand is for gentlemen that want to be well dressed and groomed with a perfected nonchalance. A Salt + Dapper man exhibits what the Italians call “sprezzatura,” a quality that sets him apart from his well-meaning counterpart hopefuls.

We had a chance to talk to Jack about his business, shipping, and why he uses ShipWorks to help him ship.

Tell us a little about your business.

“We sell men’s accessories online. We started with some basic items, and sold them on eBay and Amazon. As we got more serious, we began developing our own lines. We now sell Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and our own Magento website.”

What was shipping like before ShipWorks?

“Before Shipworks, there was a lot of confusion and disorganization. We had to run these cumbersome reports for batch printing packing slips and invoices, and we could not customize what and how we wanted to print. Then, we had to manually enter shipping addresses and keep track of tracking numbers in a spreadsheet. It was extremely time consuming, not efficient, and highly prone to errors.”

What’s shipping like with ShipWorks?

“With Shipworks, we can come in after a weekend and literally process a thousand orders that same day. The efficiency is incredible.”

What ShipWorks feature do you like the most?

“I love the filters. You can customize and filter orders based on virtually any set of criteria you need. This helps us tremendously in efficiently processing and prioritizing our orders and shipping requirements.”

What’s the hardest thing that you ship?

“It is challenging for us to ship hats. They take up a lot of volume but they are not heavy. They need a lot of cushioning and it is expensive to ship it due to the dimensions of the package.”

What advice do you have for someone starting an ecommerce business?

“There is no single way to be successful in ecommerce. Go with what works and keep innovating and improving. Eventually, you will carve out your unique form of business that makes it your own.”

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