Customer Success Story: Stanza Textbooks


Need a textbook? Stanza Textbooks is your answer, and they will ship it to you via FedEx One Rate. Stanza Textbooks has been selling and shipping textbooks for over a decade. They have a brick-and-mortar store in Richardson, Texas, which is also the home of The University of Texas at Dallas, and a huge online presence that attracts students worldwide. 

We caught up with Anuj Sehgal at Stanza Textbooks to learn more about the thriving business and how they use ShipWorks.    

Tell us a little about your business.

“We specialize in textbooks. We buy, sell and rent the books to individuals and also sell in bulk. We sell directly from our website (built on a Magento platform), Amazon and“

What do you like about ShipWorks?

“We use ShipWorks for shipping and also as an accounting platform. For shipping, ShipWorks saves us so much time because we can download orders and print labels fast.  We can use it for accounting because we can customize ShipWorks so that it helps us keep track of things like how much we buy books for and the cost when we send it out. We haven’t needed to use another accounting platform because we have it all in ShipWorks.”

What was your shipping process like before and after ShipWorks?

“In the past, we used UPS WorldShip and USPS Priority Mail and we would download labels individually. It took 10-11 clicks for each label.

“With ShipWorks, we have merged everything into one place, and we can process orders ten-times faster than before. We download orders and print labels in bulk with two clicks. ShipWorks also makes it possible for us to use more carriers than we did in the past. Today, we use FedEx One Rate and are extremely happy with it.”

How did you learn about FedEx One Rate?

“Our FedEx representative told me about it.  Initially, I used it a few times through’s site, but it took a lot of time since it wasn’t integrated with ShipWorks then. Now that it is in ShipWorks, we use it every day. FedEx is great since they scan every package they pick up. Adding FedEx One Rate to ShipWorks is one of the greatest things ShipWorks has done.”

Learn more about Stanza Textbooks and order from them online at or Amazon.

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