Customer Success Story: Tick Tack Toys


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Have you always wanted to quit your day job so you could spend more time with your children? Lynne Daniels of Tick Tack Toys did exactly that by turning her eBay hobby into a thriving online toy store. 

Who is Tick Tack Toys?

Tick Tack Toys is an online retailer specializing in new toys. The store is owned and operated by Lynne Daniels, an online entrepreneur who discovered the world of online selling by selling her infant daughter’s used clothing on eBay. 

“I realized I could essentially clothe her in the trendiest high end outfits for pennies. I would buy her clothing on sale at deep discounts and later sell them, often making more money than I had paid. It was addictive!”

One day Lynne decided it was time for a change. “I was working in a rat-race job, logging many hours of travel to some not-very-exciting places that took me away from my infant girl. I was a first time parent at age 45, so that weighed heavily into my decision to quit my job.  I had been working in publishing for over 25 years and never thought I’d get married or have a child so when this gift came along, I wanted to spend time with her.  I’ve lived two completely different lives.” 

Lynne quit her corporate job to stay home with her daughter (pictured below), and turned her eBay hobby in to a business by combing thrift stores and purchasing items for resale.  Lynne has sold a variety of goods, but currently focuses on selling hot, new toys. 

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“My shipping and record keeping process was a mess before ShipWorks.  I shudder to think about the all-nighters I pulled just to get the packages out at the height of my busy holiday season,” said Lynne.  “In the bad old days I would have to manually confirm each package and type in the tracking numbers, which, at 3 a.m., left lots of room for error!” 

What are the results after ShipWorks?

“The way ShipWorks integrates with Amazon has saved me so many hours of work!  Especially helpful is the way that ShipWorks automatically confirms my orders with tracking information with Amazon.  I love the way ShipWorks integrates with all of the shippers and I can easily compare prices on each package.” 

What’s one of your favorite ShipWorks features?

“I use ShipWorks for most of my important record keeping.  I can easily figure out sales tax by applying some filters and making spreadsheets right from my ShipWorks info.  ShipWorks is like having a bookeeper! It’s like an employee in terms of the time it saves in record-keeping tasks .”

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