Customer Success: Knows a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Company Overview:

Whether it’s a video for a special occasion or a photograph of a product that is being sold online, there is power in visual communication. knows the importance of using the right equipment to create professional photos and videos. They provide buyers with an economical source to buy photography/video studio equipment and accessories at affordable prices. Specializing in studio photography lighting, camera accessories, video gear, and a variety of muslin, vinyl, paper & canvas backdrops, they offer a wide range of products that would appeal to both amateur and professional photographers. From sturdy and durable booms to high tech wireless flash triggers, you will find everything you need to take your studio photography or videography to the next level.

Selling and Shipping Logistics: sells products through a variety of e-commerce channels to a global market. Their supply chain solution currently integrates with UPS and USPS as their shipping logistics providers but is not limited by these carriers. “Working with Shipworks has provided the flexibility we need to add and use a variety of shipping carriers,” said Mikki of Studiohut.

Why They Use ShipWorks:

Shipworks has improved the efficiency of our overall shipping process. Our team has reduced time spent on shipping processes by about 30 percent. We do not believe we have used Shipworks to its fullest potential yet so are hoping to see further improvements as we continue to use the software,” said Mikki.

When asked what she liked most about ShipWorks, Mikki replied, “It is very customizable and because it integrates with a variety of platforms, we find it to be very flexible. In addition we have found ShipWorks’ support team to be knowledgeable whenever we needed them.”

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Are you a ShipWorks customer and do you have a story to share? We want to hear about it!