Download ODBC Orders on Barcode Scan

ShipWorks has integrations to more than 100 online marketplaces and sales channels, but sometimes our customers need to import orders from other data sources. While ShipWorks already offers you a couple different methods to easily grab orders and import them into the software, we’ve added the ability to import orders from a barcode scan to make this process even easier.

With the recent release of ShipWorks version 5.21, you can now download an open database connectivity (ODBC) order into ShipWorks by simply scanning a barcode or by entering the order number into the Search All Orders field. This can come in handy if you want to only import the order you’re currently shipping.

When downloading orders using a barcode scan, ShipWorks can also be configured to automatically weigh a package and/or to process a shipping label for the order after it is downloaded into ShipWorks.

Search and download can be performed with a barcode scanner or a keyboard, and can be paired with Single Scan to trigger an order download, weigh the package and automatically print the corresponding label by simply scanning a barcode.

Want to learn more? ODBC – Downloading Orders with Barcode Scan covers the basic steps on how to turn on this feature and how to download an order with this feature enabled. For a more comprehensive setup guide, download the Downloading Orders with Barcode Scan User’s Guide.