How to Wow Customers with Packaging & Shipping


Do you get excited when a package arrives at the door?

Who doesn’t, right?!?

Packaging makes a statement, and it’s a great opportunity to communicate to your customers and remind them why they bought from your store, not somewhere else.

Whether you’re sending a pair of socks or a gallon of commercial paint, here are a few things to keep in mind as you create memorable box-opening-experiences for your customers.

Your boxes don’t have to be boring.

The appearance of your product when it reaches your customer impacts their perception of your brand. If it’s in a plain brown box, it will blend in with all the other boring boxes. If the box is torn or crushed, customers will have concerns that the item is damaged before they even see it.

A 2014 study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Sealed Air shows that nearly seven in 10 Americans are more conscious of packaging materials and design today than they were five years ago. According to the study, 66 percent of consumers believe that packaging tells them how much a retailer cares about them and their order.

When designing your packaging material, be creative! You want to stand out from other brown boxes, so that customers are excited to open your box first. But you should also keep in mind that packaging’s main job is to protect what you’re shipping. Make your packaging creative and unique, but don’t sacrifice function for aesthetics.

A great example is from Man Crates who makes awesome gifts for men in crates that you have to open with a crowbar. When we received a crate from them, the shipping box was duct taped – a lot. Their box surprised us and we couldn’t wait to open it.



Your boxes can build your brand. 

Brand identity is what you want customers to believe about your brand, and it’s usually associated with the way a product looks. It includes things like your logo, the colors you use on your website, and your packaging.

Do you want customers to identify your brand as being high-quality? Environmentally friendly? Creative and unique? Something else?

Bottega Louie knows how to reinforce their brand identity with their packaging.  One glance at their luxurious pink box and brightly colored macaroons, and you know you’re about to eat high-quality, fresh-baked Parisian treats.



You can make your customer feel special. 

The little details count. The more you surprise and delight your customers, the more they’ll remember you and order from you again. This is especially important for smaller retailers who are trying to distinguish themselves from big box stores.

The team at does this extremely well. They took the time to write a handwritten note on their company branded stationary.  That’s impressive!