Maximizing Team Productivity with User Management and Auditing Tools

As your ecommerce shipping operation grows, so does the size of your order fulfillment team. ShipWorks software offers a number of features that help ecommerce business owners and shipping managers set their employees up for success so they can perform assigned tasks as efficiently as possible. These features also enable you to check in on employee performance, thus enabling you to further fine-tune your company’s shipping process.

Here are a couple examples of ways you can make ShipWorks gives you control to manage your employees and determine what works best for your team.

Adding Users

ShipWorks allows you to create and manage multiple users. Each user gets his or her own username, password and specific permissions. If you want to give a user permission to perform any task in ShipWorks, you’ll want to give them an Administrator account. Otherwise, you can make them a Standard User and select which rights you’d like them to have, per individual store, when using ShipWorks. For example, you can give a Standard User permission to email customers but bar them from creating, editing or deleting customers. Want to give the same rights to multiple users? With ShipWorks, you can easily duplicate a user profile for other employees. Learn how to add a user in ShipWorks.

Shipper Productivity Report and Audit Log

Interested in keeping track of how your employees are performing? Want to be able to see who’s worked on a specific order? There are a couple tools that can help:

  • The Shipper Productivity report template allows shipping managers to monitor the number of shipments processed by user, as well as the number of shipments voided by user. In addition, you can use the Shipping Productivity Report to determine the total cost of the shipments processed by user. Find step-by-step instructions here.
  • ShipWorks keeps track of every action by every user, including changes made to individual orders. Learn about our Audit Log function.


Need help?

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