New UPS Ground Retail Rates: What You Should Know


UPS recently announced that UPS Ground retail rates will change, effective July 11, 2016. These changes apply to retail rates for UPS Ground service originating in the continental U.S. only.

“The changes are designed to simplify the UPS Ground Retail rates and improve the competitiveness of UPS rates on the most frequently shipped UPS Ground packages,” UPS said in a June 10 email to customers.

UPS has incorporated multiple surcharges into the new UPS Ground retail rates, including a residential surcharge for deliveries, fuel surcharge and delivery area surcharge. While Delivery Area Surcharge Extended is not incorporated into the new rates, it will remain, albeit at a lower rate.

What does this rate change mean for your business? Not only are these new retail rates lower than existing rates, but in some cases they’re also cheaper than discounted UPS Daily Rates.

This rate change serves as a great opportunity to review your shipping strategy to ensure you’re getting the best possible rates. Here are a couple examples of the changes you might want to know about.


Preview the rates by checking out this PDF details all the new rates. The updated 2016 UPS Rate and Service Guide will be available to download on July 11, 2016 – check for more information.