Scheduling Automated Reports Using ShipWorks

As we’ve discussed before, shipping software automation is key for saving your ecommerce business time and money. One of the many ways you can get some of your time back while improving your business is by using ShipWorks Actions to automatically generate reports and email them to the appropriate members of your team.

Types of reports

Whether you’re interested in tracking sales, monitoring shipping costs or reviewing the number of shipments processed by employees, there are plenty of report options available in ShipWorks including:

  • Exports
    • Customers
    • Orders with Items
    • Tracking Numbers
  • Financials
    • Order Charges Breakdown
    • Shipping Cost by Carrier
    • Shipping Profit and Loss
  • Product Trends ( items by amount, name or quantity)
  • Order Status
  • Order Summary by Time of Day
  • Shipper Productivity

Using Actions to Schedule Reports

By using the ShipWorks software, anyone logged into ShipWorks who has administrator rights is able to automate the process of creating and emailing reports on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You’ll want to make sure you’ve added an email account to your ShipWorks account before getting started—learn how to add your email address to your ShipWorks account.

It doesn’t take much work to set up the whole process—find step-by-step instructions for scheduling automatic reports here.