Service alerts and where to find them

281558_1600ximageFlooding in Louisiana, a hurricane headed for Florida, wildfires in California — Whether due to natural disasters or other issues like labor disputes, there are certain times where your shipment can’t get from point A to point B as planned. Here’s a quick refresher on where to learn about current service alerts.


FedEx uses its Service Alerts page to notify customers about service interruptions as issues arise, and notes the date when each update is published. They also post notices to the FedEx Tracking page, which in turn directs customers to the Service Alerts page for further details. FedEx also gives customers the option to subscribe to service disruption notification emails.


The UPS Service Updates page gives shippers current information about events impacting service disruptions. Customers can search for issues by ZIP code to determine if a particular area is affected. UPS also updates the UPS Freight page whenever pickups or deliveries are affected.

Customers can also request to be notified, by email or text, when the status of a package has changed. This is done by selecting “Notify me with Updates” when tracking a shipment at


The USPS Service Alerts page provides residential and business customers alike information about service disruptions. Use this website, which is updated “in near real time” according to USPS, to determine if domestic mail and packages are being delivered, if your local post office is open, to learn about delivery units not accepting drop shipments, and more. International mailers can also find information about country-specific disruptions due to weather events and other issues such as earthquakes and airport closures.