ShipSense Q&A


We’ve had several people call and asking questions about ShipSense. Their questions to us are usually something like, “Do I really want to use ShipSense in version 3.9? What’s the benefit to me?”

Our response is it’s completely up to you, but here are the top two reasons why customers that have upgraded like it.

  1. Less typing. It eliminates having to type in weights and dimensions for items you’ve shipped in the past. No more typing = saving time.
  2. Shipping labels are ready faster. Do you ship the same SKU a lot? ShipSense will remember the SKUs you ship and have the shipping label ready for you when you are ready. You can sort of think of it like the autofill form on your internet browser. We automatically fill in the weight and dimensions based on the items you’ve done in the past.

If now is your busy season, it may not be the time to try something new. We understand that and we’ve made it easy to turn off ShipSense.

If you want to try ShipSense, upgrade to version 3.9. Here are a few other ShipSense links you may find helpful, and you can always call and talk to us.

ShipSense Overview

Enabling / Disabling ShipSense

Editing the ShipSense Settings

Resetting ShipSense

Filtering ShipSense Orders

Version 3.9 Overview