ShipWorks Display Customization Tips & Tricks

imageWe all know that ShipWorks is great at making shipping easier because of its amazing ability to fit into your unique business rules. You can use your choice of store platforms and your choice of shipping carriers. You can automate all kinds of business practices from e-mail notifications to setting specific defaults for certain types of shipments.

Did you know that you can also customize the display itself? Our default display is a great starting point, but if you decide you’d like a different view into your data, you’ll be thrilled at how easy it is to change things up.

Maybe you’d like to see payment information right next to the orders grid, or maybe you’d like to have a Google maps street level view displayed next to the orders so you can see where your shipment will go.  Our new help desk article “Configuring the ShipWorks Display” explains all the ways you can work with the data display so when you open ShipWorks you see exactly what you want to see.