ShipWorks Version 5.12.0 Now Available


ShipWorks Version 5.12.0 is now available! Here’s what you’ll get with the new version:

Faster Order and Label Processing

  • When processing multiple shipping labels (batch processing), ShipWorks will now make multiple label requests in parallel to speed up the shipping process. Internal testing has measured batch label printing to be 71 percent faster than older versions of the software.
  • We’ve added the capability for high-volume customers to connect to Shopify with their own private app credentials as a means to lift throttling limits imposed by the standard Shopify API. Customers connecting to Shopify in this manner will be able to work with Shopify to remove throttling, resulting in faster order download and shipment upload speeds.

New Store Integrations

  • ShipWorks now has a direct integration to the SellerActive platform.
  • Customers can now change the URL/endpoint for their SellerVantage stores needed to support infrastructure/logistical changes being made on SellerVantage.


  • The actual delivery date is now included in FedEx rate display.
  • The current OnTrac label format is being deprecated. ShipWorks is now supporting the new 4×6 format offered through the OnTrac API.

Existing ShipWorks customers can get the update by going to the ShipWorks software download page.  To download Version 5.12.0 from within the client software, click on the notification message under the ribbon bar toward the top of the screen in ShipWorks. If you need a little help, this article explains how to upgrade.

Not a ShipWorks customer yet? Try it free for 30 days!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-952-7784. We’re always happy to help!