Tips & Tricks: Enter Your FedEx SmartPost Hub ID

To use the FedEx SmartPost Service, you must input a valid SmartPost Hub ID for your account. If you do not have your Hub ID on hand, we recommend you request this information directly from a FedEx representative

These instructions assume that you have already set up FedEx as a shipping provider in ShipWorks. If you haven’t done this, please add FedEx by following these instructions. 

Important: If you do not see this option appearing on your screen, you will need to speak with your FedEx account representative to ensure that SmartPost is configured on the FedEx side. We use your FedEx account credentials to access their label server, so we can only connect to the information they provide. Make sure this step is completed before attempting to use FedEx SmartPost in ShipWorks. 

The Process:

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Shipping Settings > FedEx. 

2. Select your FedEx account and click Edit.


3.Click on the Settings tab and enter your Hub ID in the textbox.


4. Click OK to save the changes and Close to exit. 

Now, you can process a FedEx shipment as normal, This will now use your newly entered Hub ID.

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