Tips & Tricks: How Do I Print a Shipping Label to a PDF?


To print to a .pdf file format, you will need to have a PDF writer installed on your computer. There are a number of free available tools by doing an internet search (PrimoPDF, CutePDF, DoroPDF, etc.).

The following instructions assume that you have downloaded and installed a PDF writer on your computer. If you are working on a network, the PDF writer must be installed on each computer you want to print PDFs with. After installing a PDF writer, you should be able to route any standard label template, invoice, or packing slip to print (or save) as a .pdf.

In this example, we will be using the “Standard Label” template. You cannot print to a PDF using a thermal template.

Step One: Routing Your PDF Writer to Your Standard Printer Template

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Templates.


2. Expand (image) the “Labels” folder.


3. Select the “Standard” template and click “Edit”.


4. Click the “Settings” tab, and select “Printing” from the left-side menu.


5. From the printer’s drop-down menu, select your PDF writer. In this example, we’ve selected “PrimoPDF”.


6. Click “Save” and Close”.

Step Two: Prompting a PDF to Appear

Using a “Standard Label” template:
1. Process as a shipment (that uses your standard label template) as normal (Home > Ship Orders > Adjust your Shipment Details > Process).

2. If you have an action to automatically print your label, your label should send the request to your PDF writing software, prompting the software to open. To print manually, click “Print” from the “Ship Orders” screen after processing your shipment, which will send the request to your PDF writing software.



3. Depending on your PDF software, you will be asked to “Create PDF” / “Save” a copy of the PDF before printing. Click “Create PDF” (and/or “Save”).

4. After “Create PDF” and/or saving your PDF, a window will appear with your new label.

This example uses PrimoPDF’s formatting:

5. Use the print function in your PDF writer to print your label.
6. (Optional) Use the save function in your PDF writer to save your label.
7. Close your PDF writer.
8. Close the “Ship Orders” window in ShipWorks.

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