Tips & Tricks: How to Void a Shipping Label

Have you ever made a mistake and created a shipping label you didn’t want to create? If so, voiding a label is easy in ShipWorks. Once you click “void”, ShipWorks sends a request to your shipping provider to void the shipment. Here’s how to void a label:

1. Select your (shipped) order from the “Main Order Grid” screen. Right-click and select “Ship Orders” from the menu.


2. On the “Ship Orders” screen, select the shipment(s) you wish to void. In our example, we will be voiding only one shipment, but you can void multiple shipments at once by holding down CTRL + selecting your shipments.


 Note: Processed shipments have a green check mark (image) next to them

3. Click the “Void” button on the right-side of the “Ship Orders” screen.


4. Click “OK” to confirm that you want to void your shipment(s). Once this action is performed, it cannot be undone. image

5. When your shipment is successfully voided, ShipWorks will show a yellow exclamation button (image) next to the shipment.

6. Click “Close”. 

If you want to cancel a shipment, it is important to go through the steps of voiding a shipment before deleting anything out of the ShipWorks system.

Please Note: If you select “Delete” on the “Ship Orders” screen (before voiding), ShipWorks deletes this shipment from its system. It does not automatically void the postage associated with the shipment.


Author: ShipWorks

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