Tips & Tricks: Installing the Magento Module on Your Server

Are you installing Magento? Here’s what you need to know:

After downloading and making any modifications to your ShipWorks3.php file, you’ll need to upload the file to your website. This is so ShipWorks can connect to the ShipWorks3.php file and download all your store’s information.

To complete this step, you must know your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) credentials (FTP address, username, password, and your port number). Usually, these are sent to you in an email when you register for service with your website (e.g. or provided to you by your IT administrator. You will also need an FTP client (like FileZilla) in order to transfer your file.

1. After downloading and modifying your ShipWorks3.php file, open your FTP client. In our example (below), we’re using FileZilla.


2. In the proper fields, enter your website’s FTP address (host), username and password (for your website), and port number (if applicable). Click “Connect” (or equivalent for your program).


3. Once connected, transfer your ShipWorks3.php file to your Magento root directory (usually you can drag-and-drop this where it needs to go).


4. Once your module is uploaded, open ShipWorks and add your store’s credentials when you add your new store (Manage > Stores > Add New Store).. Type your module URL into the field. In this example the module URL would be:


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