Tips & Tricks: ShipSense


Have you heard about ShipSense? It’s a feature that we announced earlier this year.

ShipSense makes ShipWorks “smart”. When ShipSense is on, it will remember how you shipped specific items in the past. Then, the next time you ship the same item, ShipSense will autofill the shipping fields so that you don’t have to retype the information.

ShipSense is a completely optional feature, but it may be for you if you want to eliminate typing weights and dimensions for items you’ve shipped in the past.

Here’s more Q&A that you may find helpful:

What is ShipSense?

ShipSense is a feature in ShipWorks that “remembers” your shipping information and automatically populates shipping fields based on your order history.

For example, let’s say you are an e-commerce retailer selling clothing. Order ABC contains a yellow shirt that you’re shipping to your favorite customer. After you’ve processed and shipped order ABC, ShipWorks will “remember” the information associated with that order (box dimensions, weight, number of packages, and additional weight added to an order). The next time you ship a yellow shirt, ShipWorks will automatically fill out these fields for you.

How Does ShipSense Work?

Behind the scenes, ShipWorks is storing your shipping information in a knowledge base. Upon installation of 3.9 (and higher), ShipSense will look at the last 25,000 processed shipments. Then, whenever you ship an order that matches any of these shipments (the shipment has to be identical to previous shipments in your history), ShipWorks will automatically populate your Ship Orders window with previous information.


Example 1.1: The highlighted fields are what ShipSense “remembers” for future shipments.

What are the Benefits of Using ShipSense?

Saves time. Because it automatically generates shipping information for you, ShipSense will minimize the amount of manual entries your employees will have to input into ShipWorks.

Less errors. ShipWorks will know what you ship and prevent inaccurate information from displaying. For example, some online carts might not be able to download weights (or might give inaccurate information). When you correct this in ShipWorks, ShipWorks will remember the correct information and display the new (accurate) information for future shipments.

More control.You can go in and edit your shipping history (or reset it) at any time. If you don’t want ShipWorks to apply ShipSense to an order, you can edit the history to account for any “unique” shipments, so the settings won’t be applied to future shipments. You have complete control on how it’s used and how to optimize your shipping process.

How Do I Know if I’m Using ShipSense?

If you’re using ShipWorks 3.9 (or higher), ShipSense automatically runs (by default). To check if you have ShipSense enabled (or disabled), follow the instructions here.

How Does ShipSense work with my existing shipping settings (like shipping rules and profiles)?

ShipSense won’t override any existing shipping profiles or rules, but it should supplement them. After ShipSense “learns” what you need, you might find yourself relying on shipping rules and profiles less (because it should already know what you need).

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