Understanding OnTrac 2018 Rate Increases

The big three shippers—FedEx, UPS and USPS—have all implemented their 2018 rates, a change which has likely inspired many ecommerce shippers to re-examine their shipping strategy. If you’re located out in the Western U.S., you should also take a look at OnTrac when looking for ways to lower costs in the year ahead. OnTrac is a great regional delivery option serving California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Colorado.

OnTrac touts itself as a faster, more affordable alternative to Ground services offered by national carriers, with guaranteed overnight ground delivery service (this typically takes 2-3 days with the national carriers).

Here are OnTrac’s 2018 rates, which went into effect December 31, 2017:


Below you’ll find the breakdown of increase by zone and weight when comparing new rates to the 2017 rates:

Cost Savings

OnTrac is a great option to reduce shipping costs thanks to lower fees and surcharges when compared to those collected by some of the national carriers:

  • OnTrac’s residential surcharge is $2.05 (versus $3.60)
  • OnTrac uses a dimensional weight divisor of 166, while FedEx and UPS now use 139
  • National carriers apply a delivery area surcharge ranging from $2.55 to $4, while OnTrac charges $2.45
  • National carriers apply an extended delivery area surcharge ranging from $2.55 to $4.45, while OnTrac charges $3.50

OnTrac and ShipWorks

Based in the Western U.S. and want to give OnTrac a try? OnTrac shipping services are integrated directly into ShipWorks, allowing you to process OnTrac shipments quickly and easily from right inside of the ShipWorks software. Learn how to add OnTrac to ShipWorks.

Rate information

We generated information for this blog post by using OnTrac Ground Daily rates (PDF).