Understanding ShipWorks Single Scan

As any busy ecommerce shipper knows, automating shipping decisions helps your business in many ways—faster order processing, fewer errors by employees and a more efficient shipping process.

ShipWorks now features Single Scan, which can help you streamline your shipping process and ship more items in less time. By using a barcode scanner, Single Scan gives you the ability to scan a unique barcode to quickly pull up order details or automatically process a shipping label (auto-print). ShipWorks version 6.0.0 or later includes templates that include the Single Scan barcode. You can use these templates to print packing slips or invoices that include the order specific barcode, then simply scan the barcode to automatically print your shipping label.

Key features

With Single Scan, you can:

  • Print packing slips or invoices—Configure ShipWorks to print packing slips or invoices for your orders that include an order specific barcode.
  • Search for orders—Quickly find and locate orders by simply scanning a barcode.
  • Import package weight—If configured, when a barcode is scanned, ShipWorks will automatically import the weight of a package from the scale connected to your ShipWorks computer.
  • Print shipping labels—Enable ShipWorks to automatically print shipping labels by scanning a barcode.

Getting started

Single Scan settings are configured per computer, so you’ll want to prepare each computer on which you’d like to use Single Scan.

In order to use Single Scan, you’ll need to have ShipWorks version 6.0.0 or later installed.

Once you register your barcode scanner with ShipWorks and configure the Single Scan feature, you can then start scanning barcodes to locate orders or auto-print shipping labels. You’ll need to have a barcode scanner installed on each computer which you plan to use Single Scan.

If you plan to use Single Scan to import package weight, be sure to connect your scale to your ShipWorks computer and make sure you can successfully read weight from that scale.

Need help?

Many of your questions about Single Scan’s features and functions can be answered by the Single Scan User Guide—download it here. If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact us at 800-952-7784. We’re always happy to help!