UPS and FedEx to Lower Minimum Measurements for Large-Shipment Surcharges in June


Shipping larger packages using UPS or FedEx? It’s time to get your tape measure and your calculator.

UPS recently announced that it is following in FedEx’s footsteps and updating its fee structure for larger parcels, changing the measurements that determines whether the UPS Additional Handling charge of $10.50 will be applied to UPS Ground services packages in the U.S.

Under the new rule, packages with a long side of 48 inches or more will be subject to the charge as of Monday, June 6. The previous threshold was 60 inches.  FedEx told analysts back in March it would make the same change – this goes into effect this Wednesday, June 1.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in non-traditional items now being purchased online; mattresses, canoes, swing sets and big-screen TVs,” T. Michael Glenn, FedEx executive vice president of market development and corporate communications, told investors in March. “We welcome this opportunity, but it is important that we price these items accordingly to account for the operational complexities such as manual sortation, two-person delivery, et cetera.”

This is the second time this year each carrier has made changes, as both FedEx and UPS raised the handling rate for large items from $9 to $10.50 back in January.

Find more information about FedEx pricing by checking out their Fees and Other Shipping Information PDF. UPS rate change information can be found here.

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