Using ShipWorks on a Mac with Boot Camp

ShipWorks is a Windows application and therefore can’t be directly run in the Mac Operating System (macOS) but Mac users should not despair! With Boot Camp, a macOS built-in utility, you can install Windows on your Mac and then switch between the macOS and Windows. When in Windows, you can download and use ShipWorks on your Mac as you would on a PC.

What makes Boot Camp great is that it’s free, it’s easy to use, and you don’t need to deal with a third-party app configuration. However, there is one drawback—Boot Camp requires that you boot your computer into Windows, and when you’re booted into Windows you can’t access anything within the macOS. When you need to access files or programs on your macOS, you’ll need to reboot your computer.

To set up ShipWorks on a Mac with Boot Camp, make sure you have purchased a valid copy of the Windows Operating System, such as Windows 10. Once that’s done, follow Apple Support’s steps for installing Windows using Boot Camp.

Next, boot into Windows using Boot Camp and download and install ShipWorks and you should be able to use ShipWorks on your Mac (when booted into Windows) the same as if you were using a PC!

Boot Camp isn’t the only way to run ShipWorks on a Mac—learn more about Mac options for ShipWorks.