Volusion Users, We’re Listening

If your store is on the Volusion platform, you might be very happy to learn about our newest release. We heard you when you told us that you want to have ShipWorks download appropriate orders without the need for manual order status updates. We really do care about making shipping easier for you, so we improved our software.

In the newest release of ShipWorks, Volusion stores have a setting that allows you to configure which order statuses are retrieved when ShipWorks downloads orders.

If you are a current ShipWorks user with a Volusion store, be sure to upgrade to the newest ShipWorks version 4.1.0, which you can download immediately from our website. After you upgrade, just go to Manage > Stores, and choose your Volusion store. In the Store Settings tab, check the order statuses you want to retrieve during downloads. Click OK, then Close, and you’re all set. You only have to do this once, and all future downloads will include the orders you want. This setting can be changed at any time just as easily, too.

If you have not yet added a Volusion store, you can set your download order statuses options during the store setup process.

For detailed instructions, please see the helpdesk article: Adding a Volusion Store in ShipWorks.

ShipWorks with Volusion just got better.