Learn How to Use ShipWorks

Product Demo

Get to know ShipWorks in just a few minutes. Our video summarizes all the features in just 60 seconds. If you need more info, click through our Product Demo to see all the great shipping and automation features that ShipWorks offers.

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Main Order View

The main order view provides you with all of your order information in an easy-to-read customizable column view.

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Ribbon Interface

The ribbon “toolbar” interface, located at the top section of the software, provides quick access to commonly used features including filters, templates and settings.

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Panels provide detailed information about your orders. The filters panel lists all filters and how many orders are associated with each filter. The Notes Panel allows for recording of both public and private notes. Other panels in ShipWorks provide you with important information associated with each order, such as ordered items, order charges, payment details, and shipments.

Advanced Search

Quickly search your order history right from the main toolbar. ShipWorks begins searching as soon as you start typing. Click to enable Advanced Search mode to further refine your search criteria.

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Shipping Panel

The Shipping Panel is designed to simplify the processing of orders that only need a single shipment configured with typical shipping options.

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