Shipping Features: Automation and Shipping Rules

Save time and eliminate mistakes with automation

ShipWorks includes many advanced automation features and shipping rules allowing you to automate shipments based on your business logic. The software can be set to filter for specific orders and then automatically apply carrier-specific service options using shipping profiles for those filtered orders. Shipping rules save you time by automating the entry of shipment details when shipping orders. View all features

Automation Action Manager

With Actions, ShipWorks provides powerful support for automating a variety of tasks. Actions are triggered by specific events that occur during your order management process and can be set to run when new orders are downloaded, when shipments are processed, or when a download has completed.

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Action Editor

Actions can be enabled, disabled, and edited by using the Action Editor. Creating and editing actions is simple. To create a new action, simply choose the New Action Icon, provide a name for the action, tell ShipWorks when your action should run, and what tasks should be performed. Each action can have an unlimited number of tasks including printing, sending email, playing a sound alert, setting order status, printing downloaded labels, and updating online status. In a matter of clicks you can create actions to start saving you even more time when managing and filling orders.

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Single Scan with Auto‑Weigh

Eliminate the chance for human error throughout the fulfillment process with ShipWorks’ single scan feature. Using a barcode scanner, you can search for an order, import the weight of the package from your scale, and automatically print a shipping label. You can also download an ODBC order into ShipWorks on a barcode scan or by entering the order number into the Search All orders field.

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