Shipping Features: Email Notifications

Easily send emails to customers for package tracking, promotions and more

With ShipWorks, you can create emails for one or more orders or customers with a single click. View all features

Instantly Send Email

Emails are based on ShipWorks templates and can contain graphics, logos, and fonts, and are fully editable from within ShipWorks using the built-in email editor. ShipWorks can send messages using your own email accounts, and includes support for most popular services like Gmail, Yahoo!, and more.

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Compose Email

Editing emails is simple — you are never required to edit code. Simply point and click. All emails sent from ShipWorks include both graphic, and text-only versions in the same email, for full reading compatibility with any email software.

Each email sent from ShipWorks is fully logged. You can view a history of all emails associated with an order record, as well as all emails ever sent to a customer. Simply click on a message in the log and it will open in the email viewer. In addition, you can also use the powerful filtering tools in the ShipWorks to locate orders based on the types of emails that were sent to your computer. For example, you might want to locate all customers who received the December 1st promotional emails, so that you can follow up with another email or marketing campaign.

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