Shipping Features: Templates

Customize invoices and packing slips with graphics, logos, fonts and more

ShipWorks includes pre-formatted documents (known as templates) that are completely customizable using the built-in template editor. We’ve included pre-formatted documents such as invoices, packing slips, reports, shipment notification emails, and more. View all features

Template Manager

Templates are the primary way to output data from ShipWorks—including printed documents and reports, label sheets, emails, and files that you might export to other applications, like Microsoft® Excel®. ShipWorks comes with a variety of professionally designed templates for invoices, packing slips, reports, shipment notification emails, labels, and more.

The Template Manager is the central location of managing, creating, editing, and previewing ShipWorks templates.

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Template Editor

The template editor offers powerful editing features, including the ability to Emphasize XSL code, which can help you to quickly distinguish the logic of the template. Custom template development is available through our ShipWorks Consulting Services.

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Template Settings

The settings tab provides you with detailed control over each template’s settings. You can control printer settings, page setup, saving preferences, email settings, and label settings for each template, providing you with incredible flexibility.

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