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Advantages At-A-Glance:

  • Worry‑free shipping – Includes $100 of replacement coverage plus refund of all shipping charges
  • Trusted service – All packages utilize the same network as USPS international services
  • Door‑to‑door tracking – Available for 31 countries with GlobalPost Priority
  • Fast delivery – 6‑10 days when you choose GlobalPost Priority
  • Easy customs form preparation – No printing of customs forms needed
  • Dedicated customer service – Free phone and email support
  • No hidden fees – No fuel surcharges or residential delivery fees added

Free Pickup Service:

If you send 10 or more international packages per day, you may be eligible for free pickup service and additional cost savings through the GlobalPost SmartSaver program. Call GlobalPost Support at 1‑888‑899‑1255 today to see if you qualify.

Enhanced Tracking:

The ability to track your international shipments is important for you and your customers. GlobalPost offers a dedicated consumer tracking website for you to track your packages, with door-to-door tracking to 31 countries, including Canada, Australia, the UK, and many popular European and Asian destinations.

Contact GlobalPost at 1‑888‑899‑1255 or visit for more information.

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