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Lower fees and fewer surcharges

OnTrac has designed a transportation network optimized to service the Western U.S. This creates tremendous efficiencies and cost-savings that get passed directly to you! No national carrier can even compete.

  • No Signature Required Fee
  • Lower Delivery Area Surcharge and Extended Area Surcharge
  • No Invalid, Missing, or Rebill Account Fee
  • Higher Dimensional Factor (greater is better)
  • On-Call Pickup Fee charged by pickup, not package
  • Lower Residential Delivery Fee

Over 25 years of delivery experience

Since 1991, OnTrac has helped businesses gain a competitive edge on deliveries in the Western States. As the largest regional carrier in the United States, OnTrac understands the needs and high expectations of shipping customers like you.

Reach over 62 million consumers

The OnTrac service area includes all of California, and the major metro areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. We service a population base of over 62 million consumers, giving you more opportunities to gain an advantage over your competitors with fast and affordable delivery.

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