Introducing MaxSaver

Introducing MaxSaver

Save big with Cubic Pricing on Priority Mail®

MaxSaver is a new pricing program designed to help our customers save a ton on shipping.

Thanks to our partner, Intuiship, we’re able to offer you substantial savings when shipping Priority Mail packages that meet MaxSaver cubic requirements. There are no volume commitments required.

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What packages qualify?

  • Packages less than half a cubic foot
  • Total package weight up to 20 lbs.

To find out if your package qualifies for MaxSaver, use the following calculation:

length × width × height ÷ 1728 =
cubic feet

The total cubic feet must not be over .50.

How can I get MaxSaver rates?

To find out if your package benefits from MaxSaver pricing, all you have to do is enter the box dimensions (length, width, and height) into ShipWorks. MaxSaver will automatically give you the lowest rate possible!

Example: LA to Seattle (Zone 5)

Package Regular Priority Mail Priority Mail MaxSaver Cost Savings Rate Discount
8″ × 6″ × 4″7 lbs. $15.60 $7.49 $8.11 51%

For example, if you ship a 8″ × 6″ × 4″ Priority Mail box that weights 7 lbs. to Zone 5 (Los Angeles to Seattle), you’ll usually pay $15.60. But since the package qualifies for MaxSaver, you’ll only pay $7.49. That’s a 51% savings! Prices will vary depending on the box size and zone, but as long as the package qualifies, you will save money.

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  • Easily compare services and shipping rates for all carriers.
  • Print shipping labels faster than ever.

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