ShipWorks One Balance

All Your Carriers in One Account

For years shippers have been turning to ShipWorks for the ease of shipping from multiple carriers on one interface. Then came ShipWorks’ industry-leading rate shopping tool, Best Rate, that allows shippers to compare rates across carriers and services. 

One Balance gives you access to rates without the hassle. No more setting up accounts, negotiating rates, and worrying about shipment minimums. Your rates are available all of the time.

Streamline Shipping

ShipWorks One Balance is the cure for your multi-carrier anxiety. Instead of juggling accounts for all of your carriers, you can manage them all in one place. ShipWorks One Balance acts as a single postage account in ShipWorks, allowing shippers to create labels across multiple carriers and services. All shipments created using ShipWorks One Balance are prepaid and use a shared pool of funds.

  • One interface to log into
  • One account to add funds 
  • Deep carrier discounts

Save on Shipping

ShipWorks One Balance allows users to take advantage of pre-negotiated discounted rates for services with preferred shipping carriers. Visit the individual carrier pages to see what other benefits you can receive.

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Cubic Pricing for USPS shipments

Save up to 66% on Expedited Global Shipping

What is ShipWorks One Balance?