ShipWorks Insurance

ShipWorks Insurance

ShipWorks Insurance is 100% hassle-free. There is no application process or forms to fill out to start using it. Simply select “ShipWorks Insurance” in ShipWorks for each shipment you want insured. Using ShipWorks Insurance will:

  • Save money on insurance rates
  • Save time insuring shipments and making claims
  • Make your shipping experience easier

Using ShipWorks Insurance is easy. ShipWorks logs each insured shipment to your online account. Browse each shipment, search for shipments, and view your current balance at any time. To make a claim, select the shipment in your account and generate a claim form.

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Package Insurance Rates

The rates listed below are per $100 of shipment value (declared before processing your shipping label).

USPS Domestic
(including APO/FPO)
USPS International
All other carriers
All other carriers

Get up to $5,000 in coverage

ShipWorks Insurance is managed by InsureShip and underwritten by The Navigators Group, which has been given an A.M. Best Rating A+ “Excellent.”

  • Insure packages up to $5,000 in coverage
  • Create rules to automatically add insurance for specific products
  • No application process or forms to fill out
Coverage Details

Claims are quick and easy!

Need to make an insurance claim? ShipWorks insurance makes the claims process fast and hassle-free.

  • File your claims directly from ShipWorks for fast processing
  • Most claims paid within 7 business days
  • Check your claims status from ShipWorks
  • Licensed claim agents standing by to assist you

Frequently asked questions about ShipWorks Insurance

Yes. You can choose no insurance, insurance through the carrier, or ShipWorks Insurance for each shipment.

Just select “ShipWorks Insurance” as the insurance option for shipments in ShipWorks. There are no forms or applications to fill out.

You will save between 54% and 70% off of domestic USPS Insurance rates. You will save money on FedEx and most other shipping carriers as well.

Our rates are far below the carriers online rates and very competitive with their low volume rates. You also are not required to have an upfront deposit or pay any transaction fees.

It saves money! You will also enjoy a seamless claims process, great customer support, and pre-filled claims forms.

For US Postal Service shipments, no. For other carriers such as FedEx, you must first file the claim for the amount covered by the carrier.

Insurance fees are billed on your monthly ShipWorks billing statement. You will receive a receipt via email. All shipments can be viewed and searched at any time in your online ShipWorks account.

No, ShipWorks takes care of everything except filing your claims.

No, the insurance does not cover packages that bear a descriptive label or packaging which tends to describe the nature of the contents.

If you have any questions regarding claims, please contact InsureShip directly at [email protected] or call (866) 701-3654.

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  • Import orders from any marketplace or shopping cart.
  • Easily compare services and shipping rates for all carriers.
  • Print shipping labels faster than ever.
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