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We’ve been listening closely to shippers like you for nearly two decades. With your help, we’ve set the standard in optimizing and streamlining shipping workflows. That’s how we’ve created one of the most robust feature sets available in any shipping software. Nowhere is this more evident than with the robust feature set we’ve designed specifically for high-volume shippers.

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Intelligent Order Routing

Our unique hybrid architecture combines desktop software and web-based business intelligence, giving you rapid order processing and accessible fulfillment insights. Compete at scale with unparalleled speed and meet customer delivery expectations by automatically routing orders to the best fulfillment location based on your custom business rules.

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Barcode-Driven Shipping

Go mouseless with ShipWorks Single Scan. This feature allows you to perform your most common shipping tasks with a single barcode scan.

  • Search For and Load Orders
  • Weigh Packages
  • Apply Shipping Profiles
  • Print Packing Slips
  • Process Shipping Labels

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Product Catalog

ShipWorks Product Catalog allows you to import and manage your product information right within the ShipWorks software. With your product information stored in ShipWorks, weights and dimensions can be auto-populated when selling across multiple sales channels. Additionally, customs information is auto-populated for international orders.

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Scan-Based Quality Control

This barcode-driven feature allows you to scan items in your Product Catalog as you pick and pack them to ensure each order contains the correct products and quantities.

  • Collect metrics on each order to improve on your picking and packing process
  • Save money by reducing errors and therefore restocking and returns
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering accurate orders, everytime

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Time-Saving Automation Rules

Easily set up powerful rules that can automate any shipping task. ShipWorks’ virtually unlimited automation rules let you schedule automated events and customize tasks.

The options are unlimited…

  • Schedule events to run at any hour, 24/7, automatically
  • Set up one-click “action” buttons to automate repetitive tasks
  • Trigger automated tasks based on events
  • Customize tasks to run only for specific workstations or stores
  • Eliminate time spent training seasonal workers on how to use the software by using automated “action” buttons
  • Create rules to automatically configure your shipments based on your business logic
  • Automatically apply carrier-specific service options

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Fulfillment Insights

ShipWorks centralizes your data, powering fulfillment insights over your entire shipping operation. The Hub, our web-based performance dashboard with robust auditing and reporting capabilities, allows you to easily identify shipping costs, individual user activities, shipping methods, and more.

  • Manage and sync all shipping stations across all warehouses
  • Evaluate your shipping spend by carrier, division, location, department, customer, or by any searchable field
  • Identify increased shipping costs or bottlenecks due to user oversight
  • Analyze and optimize current workflows to improve efficiency

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Automated Rate Comparison

Easily compare rates across select carriers and mail classes so shippers can choose the best shipping rate and ensure the product gets to customers within an expected timeframe.

  • Easily compare rates
  • Set custom parameters
  • Get support for all negotiated carrier rates

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Integrate with Any System

ShipWorks supports importing orders from ODBC data sources. Connect to your data, even when ShipWorks doesn’t directly integrate with your shopping cart or marketplace. Import orders directly from your ERP, and push order data and tracking back to it.

  • Import orders quickly, even at high volume
  • Customize order imports and tracking exports
  • Robust ODBC capabilities

Endless Customization Options

The ShipWorks interface is highly customizable, based on each user’s preference. Users can easily change the configuration as often as they like. The software will automatically remember customized settings for each user. Our ShipSense feature even learns from your shipping behavior and automatically populates specific shipping fields based on your shipment history.


Each user can easily customize the buttons they wish to be included in the Quick Access Toolbar to their liking, allowing faster navigation of the application.

Single Scan

Easily search for orders, weigh orders, and process shipping labels with a barcode scan.


Shipworks contains many default templates like invoices, packing slips, informational reports, file exports, email notifications and more.

  • The Software contains a variety of default templates that are fully customizable using HTML, XSLT, and/or C# code
  • Customization offers virtually unlimited control over the template look and feel, including adding barcodes

Customization Control

Administrators can specify per-user access rights for each store or marketplace integration.