Shipping Features: Filters

Find data easily with our powerful filter tool

ShipWorks includes powerful filtering tools to help you organize and search for information. Filters can be used to generate product or sales reports, create mailing lists for targeted marketing campaigns, and to track each order through your business process. View all features

Filter Panel

Each filter is listed in the Filters Panel with a running count of how many orders or customers currently match the filter, giving you immediate and accurate information about your store. Selecting a filter from the filter panel causes the corresponding grid to only show the items that match the conditions of the selected filter.

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Filter Organizer

The Filter Organizer allows you to manage your filter layout, create new filters, edit existing filters, and create filter folders. Links can be created for re-using filter logic across multiple filters. With filter links, any changes to a base filter will automatically result in an update to all the other filters referencing that link.

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Filter Editor

The Filter Editor is an easy-to-use window for visually creating and editing filters. Simply provide the filter with a name, and begin adding your desired conditions. Once the filter has been created, a new filter folder icon will appear in the Filters Panel.

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