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Working with Orders

Most tasks in ShipWorks can be performed across multiple orders at the same time. When you are working with orders, you can select one or more orders, right click (or use the ribbon toolbar options) and choose your desired task.

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Order Editor

Add and edit line items, product attributes, order charges, and more.

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Combining Orders

Combine two or more orders into a single combined order, making it easy to ship multiple orders to the same address.

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Split an Order

Easily split an order into multiple orders with ShipWorks. This allows you to ship some of the items on an order while other items are backordered. Splitting the order would allow you to process shipments, mark the local status of the orders, and more, for each of the split orders independently.

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Automated Address Correction

ShipWorks helps reduce costly fees and improve on‑time delivery performance for your customers by automatically validating all domestic ship‑to addresses against USPS address records. You can even enable Google Maps or street level view in ShipWorks.

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Order History

The History tab shows a detailed history of all outbound emails and shipments associated with the order. You can view a copy of every email that was ever sent to your customer from ShipWorks, and you can click on a shipment record to track the shipment without leaving the software.

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Order Address

Click on the Address tab of the Order Editor window and you have full access to edit both the shipping and billing address.

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The Audit tab shows all changes made to an order and that order’s associated records (emails, shipments, etc).

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