Shipping Features: Shipping Management

Compare shipping rates and delivery times for each carrier

ShipWorks is integrated with most national and regional shipping carriers allowing you to easily compare rates and shipping services to find the lowest cost option for your package. Plus, you get access to the cheapest shipping rates in the industry or you can use your own negotiated rates. View all features

Instant Rate Shopping

ShipWorks’ Best Rate feature allows users to instantly compare rates across select carriers and services so you always get the best shipping rate. ShipWorks will automatically select the Best Rate option (based on required delivery time, if desired) for the shipment or you can manually compare rates and select the desired service.

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Working with Shipments

ShipWorks offers a single unified shipping screen that supports direct integrations with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more. You can view all of your order related information from this screen, and make any carrier specific service adjustments per shipment as needed. ShipWorks supports batch editing and batch processing. Simply select a range of orders in the main order grid, click Ship Orders, and process all of your shipments at the same time.

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Shipping Rules

Rules offer the ability to automatically configure shipments based on your business logic. You can use rules to map the customer’s chosen shipping method to a shipment in ShipWorks, and/or analyze virtually any order related criteria and then automatically apply carrier specific service options.

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Shipping Profiles

You can define custom package types with additional package weight, and any combination of service options available for each carrier with Profiles. Profiles can be applied automatically with shipping rules, or manually with one click. ShipWorks supports unlimited shipping profiles.

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