10 successful ecommerce businesses share shipping secrets


“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.“  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

We wholeheartedly agree with Mrs. Roosevelt’s quote. That’s why we created this list of 10 customers success stories. These are people that are selling and shipping every day. They’ve learned numerous lessons along the way, and thankfully, they’re willing to share some of what they’ve learned. Read one (or more!) and get some great advice directly from another online entrepreneur.

  1. A Fitness Trend
  2. COGIC Publishing House
  3. Luxury Divas
  4. SlipDoctors.com
  5. Simpson Cycles
  6. SunBelt Products and Deal Dreaming
  7. Tick Tack Toys
  8. Mom & Baby Shop
  9. Nixall
  10. Webzom.com

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