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2019 US Holiday Shipping Deadlines

By on October 24, 2019

The Holidays are fast approaching bringing with them the challenge of ensuring that packages arrive to your customers in time for the celebrations.  To add to the challenge, as many as 40% of all shoppers do their shopping within the last 10 days of the season. Offering last-minute shoppers an option for express services can […]

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Holiday shipping delays: What you can do about it 

By on October 8, 2019

Guest Author: Brian Gibbs of Refund Retriever It is a known fact that shipping is expensive, and many eCommerce companies today deal with late packages that hurt their bottom line. Most shippers are aware of the UPS and FedEx delivery guarantee. Each package has a guarantee to arrive on time or it’s free. However, shippers can […]

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3 Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping

By on August 28, 2019

It’s not uncommon for warehouse managers to continue using one carrier or carrier network to manage their shipping. Having one carrier often simplifies the shipping process as warehouse employees become familiar with the carrier’s process and prices. But there are some key advantages multi-carrier shipping brings. Here are three important benefits to consider: 1. Immunity […]

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The High-Cost of Free Shipping Software

By on June 17, 2019

Carrier-provided software is free shipping software that allows you to ship packages to your customers. UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and USPS Click and Ship are 3 examples of this software, generously provided by their respective carriers. They are extremely popular and widely used among e-commerce companies. The big draw to these programs is that […]

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Are You Ready for USPS Dimensional Weight Pricing?

By on June 5, 2019

  The USPS will be implementing new postage rates on Sunday, June 23, 2019. Listed below are the highlights of the 2019 USPS changes: Dimensional Weight Pricing will go into effect across all USPS Postal Zones for Packages large than 1 Cubic Foot. First Class Mail International can only be used to send Documents, weighing less than 1lb. […]

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USPS Postage Rate Increase Starts January 27, 2019

By on January 17, 2019

The USPS will be implementing new postage rates on Sunday, January 27, 2019. Listed below are the highlights of the 2019 USPS rate increase for customers buying postage online:   First Class Mail Letters The First Class Mail letter (1 oz.) rate for postage purchased at the Post Office is increasing by five cents to $0.55 from […]

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5 Ways USPS is Staying Competitive

By on January 7, 2019

The U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) obligations as an independent agency of the United States Federal Government has often put it at a disadvantage when competing against companies like FedEx and UPS. It developed a reputation as the more costly and way slower option for package delivery. In recent years, though, USPS has found innovative ways […]

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FedEx & UPS Peak Season Surcharges

By on October 1, 2018

For the second year in a row, UPS and FedEx will enforce peak season surcharges that will impact shipping costs for e-commerce businesses this holiday season. Peak season charges are here to stay, and there is no getting around this so let’s dive into the details.   FedEx Fortunately, FedEx will not apply peak season […]

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New FedEx Unauthorized Package Charge

By on September 20, 2018

Staying on top of shipping charges is one of the most important ways to make sure you’re protecting your e-commerce profit margins. If you’ve ever been hit with a mysterious charge related to a “Ground Unauthorized Package,” you know what we’re talking about. If you don’t know about Ground Unauthorized Packages yet, you’ll want to […]

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UPS billing Changes: Audit Fee for Shipping Charge Corrections

By on August 13, 2018

Up until recently, UPS billing has been pretty lenient with shipping charge estimates. Although you may know your products pretty well and the costs of your shipments, you’re may get charged by UPS billing the next time you estimate wrong. As of June 2020, UPS billing now charges for shipping corrections. Let’s take a closer […]

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