2020 USPS Rate Change Overview

USPS Rate Change Effective Today

January 26, 2020

In December 2019 the Postal Regulatory Commission approved a rate change for First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Parcel Select and First-Class Package Service rate for the US Post Service.

A big takeaway is that First-Class Package Service from USPS is still the most cost-effective option for packages less than 1 pound. You can use your own boxes or padded envelopes. Before the 2019 overhaul, all you needed to know was the weight of your package, and you were able to ship anywhere domestically at a relatively inexpensive cost, compared to other carriers.

First Class Package Domestic Rates

With the 2019 changes to First Class shipping rates, destination was taken into account, and it changed the costs in a big way. The table below reflects the 2020 First-Class shipping rates based on the most current model that USPS uses.

2020 USPS
First Class Pkg
(weight not over)
1 & 2
Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7Zone 8Zone 9
1 oz$2.74$2.76$2.78$2.84$2.93$3.05$3.18$3.18
2 oz$2.74$2.76$2.78$2.84$2.93$3.05$3.18$3.18
3 oz$2.74$2.76$2.78$2.84$2.93$3.05$3.18$3.18
4 oz$2.74$2.76$2.78$2.84$2.93$3.05$3.18$3.18
5 oz$3.21$3.23$3.25$3.31$3.39$3.52$3.67$3.67
6 oz$3.21$3.23$3.25$3.31$3.39$3.52$3.67$3.67
7 oz$3.21$3.23$3.25$3.31$3.39$3.52$3.67$3.67
8 oz$3.21$3.23$3.25$3.31$3.39$3.52$3.67$3.67
9 oz$3.93$3.97$4.00$4.08$4.18$4.32$4.46$4.46
10 oz$3.93$3.97$4.00$4.08$4.18$4.32$4.46$4.46
11 oz$3.93$3.97$4.00$4.08$4.18$4.32$4.46$4.46
12 oz$3.93$3.97$4.00$4.08$4.18$4.32$4.46$4.46
13 oz$5.04$5.08$5.12$5.27$5.40$5.54$5.70$5.70
14 oz$5.04$5.08$5.12$5.27$5.40$5.54$5.70$5.70
15 oz$5.04$5.08$5.12$5.27$5.40$5.54$5.70$5.70
15.999 oz$5.04$5.08$5.12$5.27$5.40$5.54$5.70$5.70

If you have a local customer-base, you may not see much of an increase over 2019. However, those who regularily ship throughout the country and/or have packages close to the 15.999 oz. weight limit will see a slight increase in their 2020 shipping costs.

First Class Package International Rates

Last year we saw several instances where international rates were unaffected. That is not the case for 2020; rates have seen a slight increase throughout the table below. Our international shippers will need to adjust their shipping budget to accommodate.

First Class
(wt. not over)
1 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
2 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
3 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
4 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
5 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
6 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
7 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
8 oz$11.64$11.88$16.39$14.49$13.78$14.49$14.49$14.49$14.49
12 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
16 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
20 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
24 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
28 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
32 oz$19.71$20.66$26.36$24.23$23.28$24.23$24.23$24.23$24.23
36 oz$30.40$31.59$40.85$38.48$37.05$38.48$38.48$38.48$38.48
40 oz$30.40$31.59$40.85$38.48$37.05$38.48$38.48$38.48$38.48
44 oz$30.40$31.59$40.85$38.48$37.05$38.48$38.48$38.48$38.48
48 oz$30.40$31.59$40.85$38.48$37.05$38.48$38.48$38.48$38.48
52 oz$47.74$49.16$63.89$60.09$58.66$60.09$60.09$60.09$60.09
56 oz$47.74$49.16$63.89$60.09$58.66$60.09$60.09$60.09$60.09
60 oz$47.74$49.16$63.89$60.09$58.66$60.09$60.09$60.09$60.09
64 oz$47.74$49.16$63.89$60.09$58.66$60.09$60.09$60.09$60.09

First-Class Mail Rates

First-Class Letter rates will remain unchanged. However, the additional ounce for large envelopes (flats) increases from $.15 to $.20.

Product Current New Change
Letters with stamps (1 oz.) 55 cents 55 cents 0%
Letters – metered (1 oz.) 50 cents 50 cents 0%
Large Envelopes (1 oz.) $1.00 $1.00 0%
Additional ounces letters (up to 3.5 oz.) 15 cents 15 cents 0%
Additional ounces large envelopes (up to 13 oz.) 15 cents 20 cents 33.3% *
Domestic Postcards 35 cents 35 cents 0%

*Important to note that the additional ounce recently lowered from $.21 to $.15 in the last rate change (Jan 2019). The USPS is re-adjusting the additional ounce to better reflect the cost of processing large envelopes (flats) while retaining the reduced rate for letter mail.

Priority Mail Rates

Priority Mail rates will increase by 4.1% while Flat Rate products will increase from 4.9% to 6.2%.

Small Flat-Rate Box$7.90$8.305.1%
Medium Flat-Rate Box$14.35$15.054.9%
Large Flat-Rate Box$19.95$21.105.8%
APO/FPO Large Flat-Rate Box$18.45$19.606.2%
Regular Flat-Rate Envelope$7.35$7.755.4%
Legal Flat-Rate Envelope$7.65$8.055.2%
Padded Flat-Rate Envelope$8.00$8.405.0%

Priority Mail Express Rates

The Priority Mail Express rates will increase by 3.5% while Flat Rate products will increase from 16.2-16.3%.

Flat Rate Envelope$22.68$26.3516.2%
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$22.80$26.5016.2%
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$23.18$26.9516.3%

Extra Services Rates

The extra services price changes are:

Certificate of Mailing$1.45$1.503.4%
Certified Mail$3.50$3.551.4%
Certified Mailing Restricted Delivery$8.80$9.002.3%
Return Receipt$2.80$2.851.8%
Return Receipt Electronic$1.60$1.706.2%
Registered Mail$12.40$12.601.6%

As with any shipping carrier changes, this serves as a great opportunity to review your shipping strategy to ensure you’re getting the best possible rates. If you are not already using the ShipWorks Best Rate Tool or our Advanced Order Routing services, contact our team for a features audit. Our team of experts can make sure you’re utilizing all of the features ShipWorks offers to help keep your shipping costs low and your workflows efficient.