3 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Site’s Mobile Experience


Recent data shows that a growing number of consumers favors online shopping over the in-store experience, with four in 10 mobile users making an online purchase on their mobile devices, and 73 percent expressing satisfaction with the smartphone shopping experience.

Wondering how you can capture more sales from consumers using mobile devices? Below are three tips to help optimize your ecommerce site for mobile use.

Optimize images and video for mobile
Don’t assume the product photography you’ve used on your desktop-optimized site will tell the same story on mobile devices. Tighten your images by having the product fill more of the frame, and be sure the image is crisp enough to withstand the scrutiny of shoppers zooming in. Video also appeals to shoppers on the move, especially if it showcases the product’s specs and benefits. 

Decrease load time
According to Kissmetrics, the typical mobile web user won’t wait more 10 seconds for a site to load, and 73 percent have encountered a website that was too slow to load. Any additional load time becomes an opportunity for potential customers to take their browsing elsewhere, and if the checkout page doesn’t load immediately, cart abandonment rates soar.  

Make mobile checkout both simple and secure
Many shoppers are still wary of entering financial information onto mobile devices. Offering mobile wallet options like GoogleWallet, ApplePay, Visa Checkout and PayPal can help ease their worries about putting credit-card information over unknown networks as well as eliminate the hassle of entering numbers onto a small screen. Be sure to let your customers know about the steps you’ve taken for easier checkout on your policies page.