6 Tips for Selling on Etsy


Buyers flock to Etsy for handcrafted, vintage and other unique items. If that’s what you sell, hit the ground running as an Etsy seller by following these steps to planning and opening your Etsy shop.

1.      Examine Etsy’s Quick-Start Checklist

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up, signing on and starting your shop. As you follow the rest of the tips described below, you’ll find yourself referring to this checklist often.

2.      Get your game plan together

If you’re ready to make money selling what you’re passionate about making or collecting, you’ll want to take a strong look at others who make and sell similar items. How do they present their product? What do they charge? Consider what you most appreciate about the competition as well as your own favorite stores as you choose what to sell, what to name your shop, and what approach you’ll take as a shop owner as far as store policies, such as shipping and returns.

3.      Present your product

Crisp, well-lit photos and descriptive copy will put your products in their best light and grab shoppers’ attention, so don’t skimp on either aspect.

4.      Carefully consider keywords

Brainstorm search terms that Etsy users may try to find your kind of products. In Etsy’s Listings Editor feature, include the words and phrases you choose into your product descriptions and tags. Once your shop is up and running, check back regularly to see which keywords bring you the most hits.

5.      Mull over marketing

Successful sellers put time and effort into attracting and engaging with customers. Create a compelling bio to help acquaint buyers with you and your selling philosophy. Social media (such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts with your business name), e-newsletters and connecting with popular bloggers can all help get your Etsy shop noticed.

6.      Prepare for packaging

Set up a packing station with everything you need to send your products, including boxes and envelopes, filler and your shipping software solution. Many Etsy buyers appreciate a personal touch, so consider ways to set your shipments apart from your competitors, such as eye-catching packing materials or a personal note to the seller.