7 Reasons a Desktop Solution May Be Better

In today’s fast-paced shipping environment it is becoming more and more common for high-volume shippers to rely upon cloud-based shipping software.  While cloud-based software offers many great benefits, high-volume shippers may benefit from exploring the advantages of using a desktop-based solution, like ShipWorks.  Here’s a look at 7 advantages of using a desktop-based solution.

  1. Down time is greatly minimized.  When there is an interruption in internet service with cloud-based shipping solutions, productivity stops.  On the other hand, with a desktop-based solution data is stored locally. This means that even when there is no internet service, shippers still have access to their data allowing them to print pick lists, pick-pack-verify packages, run reports, and more keeping the shipping workflow moving.
  2. Tighter security and easy disaster recovery.  Since desktop-based solutions store data locally, users have full control of their data.  Data is more secure since it cannot be accessed directly through the web. In addition, automated data backups to an external storage source and quick and easy data backups give users the ability to recover from a disaster at a moment’s notice.
  3. Faster.  Local database performance is much faster than that of a web-based system.  Batch processing labels, running reports, printing of multiple pick lists and reports, filtering orders, and searching for orders have all been proven to be much faster than with web-based software.
  4. Larger batches.  Web-based software solutions typically have a limit on the number of orders that can be processed and shipped at one time and batch-processing can be slow.  Desktop-based solutions remove these limitations and have the ability to process and print many more shipping labels in a single batch. Since the data is stored and accessed locally, shipments are processed and labels printed much faster than with cloud-based solutions.
  5. More robust integrations.  Desktop-based shipping solutions offer much more flexibility when connecting to data sources.  For example, in addition to connecting to more than 90 eCommerce platforms, ShipWorks also allows connectivity to any data source using ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), to import data from a file, or to build a custom data integration using the API.
  6. More robust reporting.  Because the data is stored locally, users have access to all of their data, all the time.  Custom reporting solutions can be built using external reporting tools. In addition, data can be directly exported into files for easy access in programs such as Excel.
  7. Better user experience.  Changes and updates to data are reflected across all users instantly.  A customer’s experience is not limited by the speed of an internet connection which can result in more time waiting for the interface to update and/or to respond to user input.

The competition is stiff, but these 7 benefits can give you the advantage you need to prevail, revealing another benefit.  A desktop solution will grow with your business. Happy shipping!

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