Automatically Print Shipping Labels

Written By ShipWorks Tech Writer: Dan Coleman


Why not have ShipWorks automatically print shipping labels for you?  It could save time, reduce costly mistakes, and increase shipping performance.

By now you have probably heard about ShipWorks’ scan-based quality control functionality.  No? Well, let me tell you about it. I’ll make it quick; I promise.

Scan-based quality control allows you to verify that the correct products and quantities are being picked for the orders being shipped, just by scanning the packing list and product barcodes.  This can cut down on costly picking mistakes and lead to higher customer satisfaction. We have a video that explains it in better detail – check it out here.

So, imagine if you will, that your shipping workflow looks something like this:

Customers place orders and those orders download into ShipWorks.  You have harnessed the power of ShipWorks and have it configured so that a packing slip prints off automatically.  Now, your highly trained staff grabs those packing slips and heads out to the warehouse to start picking. No matter how awesome your staff is, mistakes happen, so you’ve implemented scan-based quality control.  Your staff now scans each product as it is packed and ShipWorks verifies that the products and quantities are accurate. Sweet! Mistakes minimized.

You’re not stopping there. You have also harnessed the performance-based features ShipWorks has to offer by configuring shipping profiles rules that further minimize shipping errors by automatically applying the correct shipping carrier, service, dimensions and weights to your shipments.  More mistakes minimized.

What you may not know, is that there’s a cool little setting in ShipWorks that packs a wallop full of performance.  By checking this magic little checkbox, you can have ShipWorks automatically process the shipment, print the shipping label, and upload the shipment information back to the sales channel after the order is verified with scan-based quality control…  No additional scan, mouse-click or button press.  

Now, your awesome staff has time to pick and pack even more orders, while ShipWorks handles the processing and label printing.

Bam! – Picked, packed, label printed, on the box and out the door.

Oh, I bet you’re wondering where that little setting is located in ShipWorks.  We have a help article to guide you there.