AutoUpdates Reinstated

ShipWorks introduced autoupdates in April 2019 with version 6.3, to eliminate the hassle of manual updates and ensure our users are on the most up-to-date version of ShipWorks. That’s important to us because with each update comes great new features and bug fixes.

Autoupdates were paused, beginning with the October 2019 release of version 7.4. We did this out of respect for those who would rather not have any changes during busy season. Well, with busy season coming to a close, we are reinstating autoupdate! This begins the week of January 20th and applies to all those users on version 6.3 or later.

What do you need to do? Nothing! That’s the beauty of autoupdates!

Questions about autoupdate? Read the FAQ, submit a ticket, or give us a call 800-952-7784.

When will my clients be updated? Updates occur on a staggered release over several weeks. You’ll be notified in the ShipWorks application within 24 hours of an update. You’ll receive a notification to let you know if the update was successful or failed. If it was unable to update, another attempt will be made the 7 days later.

On an early version without autoupdate? Download the latest version here.